About Us

About Us

Since 1952

Established in 1952 at Aleppo, the illustrious Poli-Alabo emerged as an unparalleled force in the realm of shoe manufacturing and trading. With unwavering dedication to excellence, the company initiated its remarkable trajectory from a small artisanal workshop, passionately handcrafting shoes that would captivate the hearts of discerning customers. Propelled by the visionary acumen of the esteemed the managers, the group embarked on a remarkable expansion, venturing into the domains of POLYURETHANE, PVC, and EVA. This audacious endeavor aimed to bestow upon the world the epitome of product perfection, a seamless fusion of impeccable quality and meticulously calculated pricing strategies. With an indomitable spirit, Poli-Alabo has conquered both local and foreign markets, its creations becoming a coveted symbol of sartorial sophistication and unyielding opulence.

Quality Not Quantity

Quality is the most important than quantity